Why Choose Melden Packaging Supplies

Why Choose Melden Packaging Supplies?

Our range of products includes pallet wrapping hand and machine rolls, core pallet wrapping, tubing and sheeting and any colour plastic shopping bags.

Melden Packaging supplies products that serve the requirements of industries such as packaged foods, wrapping pallets for shipments and much more. With state of the art technology, we manufacture products that meet the best safety and hygiene standards. We are committed to creating new innovative solutions to meet the ever-growing packaging requirements of the industry for years to come. We supply plastic packaging to major retailers, shop fitters, manufactures and restaurants so if you have the need for good quality plastic packaging materials don’t hesitate to call us today and we can help you.

  • Pallet Wrapping - Hand Rolls
  • Pallet Wrap - Machine Rolls
  • Extended Core Pallet Wrap
  • Black Opaque Pallet Wrap
  • Tubing & Sheeting
  • Plastic Bags


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5 Benefits of using plastic packaging materials

  1. It's durable.

Plastic can be as strong as steel. This durability protects your product. Plastics packaging ensures your product shows up on store shelves or in your customers' homes looking as good as new. 

  1. It's lightweight.

Plastics are prized for being lightweight. With this winning combination of being lightweight and strong, plastic packaging protects your product without adding bulk. It also saves you in manufacturing and costs.

  1. It's sustainable.

Though many think plastics are a detriment to the environment, the opposite is true. Many of the qualities that critics call environmentally negative, such as plastic's resistance to corrosion and its bio-inertness, make plastics very resource efficient.

  1. It's versatile.

You can mould plastic into essentially limitless shapes. Think of the vast variety of plastics packaging you see all the time

  1. It's cost-effective.

Plastic packaging is notoriously inexpensive. Due to its lightweight, plastic saves over alternatives when it comes to transportation costs. It saves both in the cost to get products to consumers and in the cost to get post-consumer materials to recycling centers.