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Melden Food Packaging Supplies

Melden Food Packaging Supplies

Your one stop food packaging solutions.

View our comprehensive range of food packaging products below:

Pizza Boxes



Bathroom/Jumbo Rolls

Polystyrene Cups

Portion Bags

Cling Food Wrap

Refuse Bags

Vest Carriers

Vacuum Bags

Toilet Paper

White Paper Bags

Hot Dog Bags

Grease Proof Sheets and Bags

Biodegradable Food Packaging

Biodegradable Plates & Bowls

Biodegradable Salad Bowls

Biodegradable Takeaway Boxes

Foil Containers

Fomo Trays Food Packaging

Milkshake Cups & Lids

Plastic Cutlery Sets

Plastic Cutlery

Salad Bowls

Sandwich Boxes

Sauce Cups



Melden Food Packaging Supplies are perfect for restaurant owners, bakers, confectioners and grocers, food packaging is an integral part of the kitchen. Our Food packaging is used for dine-in or takeaways. Packaging should be perfect for food as it needs to be impressive because it will be the first thing the customers will see. We have a variety of food boxes, window boxes and bags to pack your food items in.

Melden food Packaging offers you an array of high quality food packaging products that you can rely on. You can be rest assured that Melden only sells food packaging products that are  high quality and reliable.

Melden Food Packaging values all of our clients and are proud to say our customers range from small and medium size businesses to large South African corporates.

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