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Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials

Our comprehensive range of packaging materials exist to assist all size businesses with their packing materials requirements. Whether your business is a one-person entity or a company of thousands, we have the products, quality, and pricing to meet your requirements.

Packaging materials are an area a lot of businesses seem to forget about until it’s too late. We know it can be frustrating when you run out of a product and need stock at the last minute, which is why our seven hills warehouse keeps all the items you need on hand and available for immediate delivery. Read More

A short list of some of the packaging materials we keep in stock are:A short list of some of the packaging materials we keep in stock are:

• Bubble Mailers

• Courier Bags

• Tough Bags

• Bubble Wrap

• Foam Wrap

• Packing Tape

• Tissue Paper

• Butcher Paper

• Kraft Rolls

• Gift Bags

• Pallet Wrap

• Bundling Film

• Cardboard Boxes

• Moving Boxes

• Bubble Bags

• Strapping


With many different sizes and options of packing materials in each category, we can cater to your every need.

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all of your industrial packaging materials requirements. If there is a product you require but cannot find on our website, be sure to get in touch with us, as we can more than likely order it in for you.

In addition to our range of standard packaging, we also have the ability to provide specialised packaging solutions, including custom printing and customised specifications for many products. Examples of this sort of work include having your logo and company details printed onto packaging items such as boxes, mailers, paper products and even packing tape. We can also assist in the design of your packaging with our own in-house design team who can work with you to come up with a design that embodies your company and its philosophy. Minimum quantities apply on all custom work. Please feel free to call and discuss your companies’ requirements with one of our friendly staff members.

At Melden Packaging we are your one stop packaging destination.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap Suppliers | Melden Packaging Supplies

  • 1220mm x 100m
  • 1220mm x 80m
  • 410mm x 30m
  • All sizes bubble wrap can be slit to your requirements


Other Products:

  • Bubble Wrap Bags
  • Bubble Wrap Envelopes
  • Single / Double Sided Cushion Craft

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Suppliers | Melden Packaging Supplies

  • 1250mm x 100m
  • All sizes bubble wrap can be slit to your requirements


Airothene Suppliers | Melden Packaging Supplies

  • 1mm x 1250mm x 100m
  • 2mm x 1250mm x 100m
  • 3mm x 1250mm x 100m
  • Other sizes available on request
  • All sizes bubble wrap can be slit to your requirements

Edge & Corner Guards

Edge & Corner Guards | Melden Packaging Supplies

  • 40mm x 40mm x 3mm x 2m Edge Guard
  • 40mm x 40mm x 3mm x 1m Edge Guard
  • Standard Picture Frame Corner Guards
  • Edge & Corner guards are also available in foam and other sizes on request

Shrink Film

Shrink Film Suppliers | Melden Packaging Supplies

  • 405mm x 1000m x19mic
  • 455mm x 1250m x 15mic
  • Other Sizes available on request

Brown Paper Rolls

Brown Paper Rolls | Melden Packaging Supplies

  • 610 (80GSM) Mandini / Kraft wrapping paper
  • 910 (80GSM) Mandini / Kraft wrapping paper
  • 1675 Newsprint paper roll
  • 830 Newsprint paper Bundles


Other Products:

  • Cellophane Rolls
  • Cap / Tissue Paper 

Corruboard / SFK Rolls

Corruboard / SFK Rolls | Melden Packaging Supplies

  • 300 ±8kg Corrugated Cardboard Roll
  • 915 (36”) ±22kg 70m Corrugated Cardboard Roll
  • 1220 (48”) ±30kg 70m Corrugated Cardboard Roll
  • 1525 (60”) ±35kg 70m Corrugated Cardboard Roll
  • 1830 (72”) ±45kg 70m Corrugated Cardboard Roll


Strapping | Melden Packaging Supplies

12mm x 2000m

  • Poly Strapping

19mm x 500m

  • Polywoven Strapping

19mm x 1000m

  • Steel strapping
  • available in 13mm,16mm,19mm & is sold P/K
  • Open Seals (Steel & Polyprop )
  • Buckles (plastic & Steel)
  • steel strapping Buckles are available in Knurled & non-slip
  • Staples (different Sizes)

Polystyrene Sheets Cut To Size

Polystyrene Sheets Cut to Size | Melden Packaging Supplies


We can get other related packaging on request