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Packaging labels communicate to the handler how to protect the packages during transportation, handling and storage. Common examples of packaging labels includes fragile labels. These labels tell the handler or consumer that the contents of the package are fragile and needs to be handled with care. Different designs of these packaging labels are available, depending on the requirements of the client.

Another example of packaging labels is the “This side up” label. These packaging labels are most commonly used to prevent people from transporting and storing bottles and other products upside down, which can lead to the products spilling / leaking.

Other packaging labels are also available, such as the flammable label. This label informs you that the contents inside are potentially dangerous and flammable and needs to be stored in a suitable area.

There are also empty, printable labels on which companies can print their own information to inform the handlers or users of the contents inside.

At Melden Packaging Supplies we sell a wide range of packaging labels, such as:

  • Semi-gloss labels
  • Thermal labels
  • Matt labels
  • Printed labels
    • Fragile labels
    • Handle with care labels
    • Flammable labels
    • This way up labels
  • Die cut / butt cut labels that are available on request
  • Laser labels
    • A4 Sheets (1UP – 168UP)
  • Coloured labels
    • Custom labels can be made on request

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