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People will always send packages to each other, which is just a simple fact of life. Mom will always send junior a package for his birthday, no matter where he is. Grandma will always spoil grandkids by sending those packages of sweets and toys for Christmas and that’s just how grandmas are. But, without adequate packaging materials, nobody will be sending anything anywhere. Packages in transit needs to be protected and that’s where the value of packaging materials come into play.


Needless to say, packaging materials are obviously important not just to individuals but to companies as well. Here at Melden Packaging, you need not fear such subterfuge. Not only do we have the lowest prices but we also have the best deals.

Here at Melden Packaging we are a dedicated packaging materials company. And, when it comes to a range of packaging, we certainly don’t fall short. We offer both individual and bulk sales at incredible prices. We understand the need individuals and companies have for packaging materials and we are more than happy to provide them. We carry a wide range of protective packaging, plastic products, corrugated cardboard, tape, labels, logistics packaging, food packaging and much more.

If you’re in need of packaging materials feel free to call us today.