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Packaging in the Logistics industry is a critical factor, as without it the logistics industry cannot function properly and most processes can’t be performed. Logistics packaging materials aren’t there solely for the purpose of protecting the goods, but it has a numerous other purposes as well.


Logistics packaging materials performs the tasks of protecting the goods, making storage safe and practical, making transportation easy, provides information of the contents of the package and performs easy handling.


Logistics packaging materials need to be designed in a certain manner to ensure it has a positive influence on the logistics costs and increases the supply or delivery service.


Main functions of logistics packaging materials explained:

  • Logistics packaging need to protect the contents inside of the package and needs to be designed accordingly. The packaging should protect the contents from external factors, such as mechanical and climatic stresses during the storage and transportation time.
  • It needs to meet certain storage requirements, such as being able to stack them on top of each other or pack them in shelves for example.
  • Needs to facilitate transportation. The shape and size of the packaging will determine if the transport space is being used effectively.
  • The logistics packaging needs to be easy to handle to ensure it can be handled manually during transportation.
  • One of the most important things of logistics packaging is that it needs to provide the handler with sufficient information about the contents of the package. The package should be easy to identify and should provide important information, such as if the contents are fragile or require any special treatment. This can be made visible by the use of labels.


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