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Packaging Labels

Packaging labels communicate to the handler how to protect the packages during transportation, handling and storage. Common examples of packaging labels includes fragile labels. These labels tell the handler or consumer that the contents of the package are fragile and needs to be handled with care. Different designs of these packaging labels are available, depending on the requirements of the client.

Another example of packaging labels is the “This side up” label. These packaging labels are most commonly used to prevent people from transporting and storing bottles and other products upside down, which can lead to the products spilling / leaking.

Other packaging labels are also available, such as the flammable label. This label informs you that the contents inside are potentially dangerous and flammable and needs to be stored in a suitable area.

There are also empty, printable labels on which companies can print their own information to inform the handlers or users of the contents inside.

At Melden Packaging Supplies we sell a wide range of packaging labels, such as:

  • Semi-gloss labels
  • Thermal labels
  • Matt labels
  • Printed labels
    • Fragile labels
    • Handle with care labels
    • Flammable labels
    • This way up labels
  • Die cut / butt cut labels that are available on request
  • Laser labels
    • A4 Sheets (1UP – 168UP)
  • Coloured labels
    • Custom labels can be made on request

Melden Packaging Supplies was established in 1990 and has grown exponentially since then. We have spent a lot of time and effort into perfecting our services and to ensure that our clients get the absolute best quality products at affordable prices.

At Melden Packaging Supplies we offer same day / next day delivery (Terms & Conditions Apply). If a product is not listed amongst our product range, please contact us.

Melden Packaging Supplies is a BEE Certified company and we provide regular training to all our employees to ensure customer satisfaction and top quality service.

For more information on our packaging labels or any other packaging materials, contact us today

Packaging Labels | Melden Packaging Supplies


Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Products

Corrugated cardboard boxes and sheeting are commonly used in the packaging, manufacturing and logistics industries. Corrugated cardboard covers a wide range of products, from packaging boxes to filing boxes, pizza boxes, corrugated cardboard sheets, corrugated cardboard rolls and more.

Corrugated cardboard is used for a variety of purposes in a variety of industries.

Purposes may include:

  • Transporting & packaging of products
  • Manner of transportation when moving
  • Sheets and rolls may serve as protection for products, goods and furniture
  • Storage for food, such as pizzas
  • Etc.

Melden Packaging Supplies is a supplier of packaging materials, which includes corrugated cardboard products, such as:

  • Poster Boxes
  • Umbrella boxes
  • Corrugated cores
  • Filing boxes
  • Cardboard Bases & lids
  • Boxes for bottles
  • Die cut boxes
  • Pizza boxes (Plain, printed or white)
  • Cardboard Sheets
  • Corruboard / SKF Rolls / Corrugated Cardboard Rolls
  • Edge & Corner Guards
  • Etc.

If the product you are looking for is not listed, please contact us.

Melden Packaging Supplies was established in 1990 and has grown exponentially since then. We offer world-class service and same day / next day delivery (Terms & Conditions Apply). We continuously strive to provide our clients with the best quality products & services at competitive prices.

Melden Packaging Supplies is situated in Sebenza, Spartan, centrally located for the convenience of our customers.

Should you require more information on our corrugated cardboard products, or any of our other packaging products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Materials | Melden Packaging Supplies


Logistics Packaging

Packaging in the Logistics industry is a critical factor, as without it the logistics industry cannot function properly and most processes can’t be performed. Logistics packaging materials aren’t there solely for the purpose of protecting the goods, but it has a numerous other purposes as well.


Logistics packaging materials performs the tasks of protecting the goods, making storage safe and practical, making transportation easy, provides information of the contents of the package and performs easy handling.


Logistics packaging materials need to be designed in a certain manner to ensure it has a positive influence on the logistics costs and increases the supply or delivery service.


Main functions of logistics packaging materials explained:

  • Logistics packaging need to protect the contents inside of the package and needs to be designed accordingly. The packaging should protect the contents from external factors, such as mechanical and climatic stresses during the storage and transportation time.
  • It needs to meet certain storage requirements, such as being able to stack them on top of each other or pack them in shelves for example.
  • Needs to facilitate transportation. The shape and size of the packaging will determine if the transport space is being used effectively.
  • The logistics packaging needs to be easy to handle to ensure it can be handled manually during transportation.
  • One of the most important things of logistics packaging is that it needs to provide the handler with sufficient information about the contents of the package. The package should be easy to identify and should provide important information, such as if the contents are fragile or require any special treatment. This can be made visible by the use of labels.


Melden Packaging Supplies is a supplier of various packaging materials and supply to various industries, which includes the logistics industry. We have been in the packaging industry for over 25 years and provide our clients with high quality products at competitive prices.


We are centrally located in Sebenza, Spartan, and can provide our clients with a wide range of products, suitable for their needs. If we don’t list the product you are looking for, please contact us to find out if we can provide you with the products you need.


Melden Packaging Supplies also offers same day / next day delivery on all our stock items, provided you are located in Johannesburg or Pretoria.


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Food Packaging

Food packaging can be classified in many different ways, such as the boxes and plastic wrappers the food is packaged in, to the bigger boxes the bulk packages are transported in, all the way to take-away packaging. All of them are extremely important and play a crucial role in the food industry.


Examples of food packaging, include the following:

  • Pizza boxes
  • Polystyrene take-away boxes
  • Polystyrene plates
  • Polystyrene cups
  • Plastic food containers
  • White paper bags
  • Hot dog bags
  • Grease proof sheets and bags
  • Portion bags
  • Cling food wrap
  • Serviettes
  • Straws


These food packaging materials need to adhere to certain industry requirements and standards, especially concerning labelling.


Melden Packaging Supplies offers a wide range of food packaging products, from cardboard boxes, packaging tape and pallet wrap to pizza boxes, plastic food containers, polystyrene plates and cups, paper bags and much more. We also supply toilet paper, jumbo rolls, serviettes, refuse bags, vacuum bags and much more.


Regarding labelling, Melden Packaging supplies a wide range of labels, from printed labels (Fragile, this way up, handle with care, etc.), to semi-gloss labels, thermal labels, matt labels, laser labels, coloured labels and more.


We are situated in Sebenza, Spartan, centrally located for the convenience of our customers. Melden Packaging Supplies has been in the packaging industry for over 25 years and continuously strive to provide our clients with world class service and high quality products, such as food packaging products.


At Melden Packaging we offer same day or next day delivery in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area.


The food packaging industry consists of an extremely wide range of products, so if the product you are looking for is not listed in our categories, please contact us.


Food Packaging | Melden Packaging Supplies


Protective Packaging Materials

Protective packaging materials covers quite a wide range of products that can be used by various industries, from the food industry to the general manufacturing industry, transport / logistics industries, retail industry and even private individuals.


Protective packaging materials have been around for quite some time and serve the purpose of protecting your goods / materials from external forces, such as rough handling, falling, bumps and other accidents.


Although we trust that our goods will be handled carefully, we still need to use adequate protective packaging materials in order to ensure we don’t suffer any losses.


Protective packaging materials include the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Normal and anti-static bubble wrap
  • Normal and anti-static bubble bags
  • Airothene
  • Cardboard dividers
  • Polystyrene
  • Edge and corner guards
  • Strapping
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Packaging tape
  • Packaging labels


These are just a few examples of important packaging materials that are most commonly used.


Anti-static bubble wrap is used to protect electronic devices, not only against external shocks, but also against static discharges that can damage your electronics.


Edge and corner guards are normally used during the transportation of furniture and protect the edges from being chipped and scratched against surfaces, while being transported.


High quality packaging tape is also important, as it holds cardboard boxes and other packaging materials together. Using sub standard packaging tape might result in damages to your products / goods.


Packaging labels are also extremely important in the packaging industry. These labels provide important information on the contents of the package, such as if the contents are fragile and needs to be handle with care, whether it needs to packed a certain way up, etc.


Melden Packaging Supplies is a supplier of state-of-the-art packaging materials that can be used in a variety of industries. Our quality protective packaging materials are sold at competitive prices. Our warehouse is located in Sebenza, Spartan, centrally located for the convenience of our customers and we can provide same day / next day delivery on all our products.


Although we only list a certain products, we can supply many more, so for further information on our products and services, please contact Melden Packaging Supplies today.



Protective Packaging Materials


Anti-static Bubble Wrap

Static electricity is an imbalance of electrical charges within or on the surface of a material. The charge remains stored until it is able to move by means of an electrical current or electrical discharge. This discharge is known as an Electrostatic Discharge or ESD.

A static electrical charge is created whenever two surface contact and separate, and at least one of the surfaces has a high resistance to electrical current and is therefore an electrical insulator.  The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because we can feel, hear and see the spark as the static electricity is discharged.

One of the most common forms of ESD is through human contact with sensitive devices. We can only detect ESD levels that exceed 4000 Volts. However, a recent investigation has found that our body and clothing can store between 500 and 2500 Volts during a normal day. This is more than enough to cause damage to electrical circuits, without us being aware of the discharge. In most cases, it is not a single discharge but multiple discharges that damage electrical components and semi-conductors.  These multiple charges can take place when you are handling sensitive components without wearing an antistatic strap, or during transport.

If your products are not properly packaged, it can create a build-up of static electricity which can damage your electrical components. That is why it is standard practice to use conductive packaging like antistatic bags and anti-static bubble wrap when packaging sensitive electrical equipment.

Antistatic bubble wrap has a distinctive pink colour, which comes from the chemical coating that was used to create a conductive layer on the bubble wrap. As we all know, everything in nature wants to travel on the path of the least resistance, and electricity is no different. The anti-static bubble wrap, therefore creates a conductive cocoon around the components which will effectively transfer any electrical discharge around whatever is inside the packaging, therefore relaying the ESD away from your electrical components.

At Melden Packaging, we have a wide range of antistatic bubble wrap to suit your packaging needs. We can supply the Anti-static wrap in 1220mm x 100m rolls, bubble wrap bags, bubble wrap envelopes, Single/Double sided cushion craft and 1220mm x 48m rolls.

 Melden Packaging is a family run business that has been in business for over 25 years.  We are distributors of a wide variety of packaging material.  We pride ourselves in world class service and offer same day / next day delivery on all our stock items. T’s and C’s apply.

Visit our contact us page, should you have any queries on any of packaging services we provide.




Melden Packaging - Bubble Wrap

Melden Packaging - Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material used as a packaging material for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled bubbles provide cushioning for the fragile items.

"Bubble wrap" is a generic trademark owned by Sealed Air Corporation. In 1958 two inventors, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were attempting to create a three-dimensional plastic wallpaper.


Melden Packaging

Melden Packaging

People will always send packages to each other, which is just a simple fact of life. Mom will always send junior a package for his birthday, no matter where he is. Grandma will always spoil grandkids by sending those packages of sweets and toys for Christmas and that’s just how grandmas are. But, without adequate packaging materials, nobody will be sending anything anywhere. Packages in transit needs to be protected and that’s where the value of packaging materials come into play.



Protective Packaging Materials

Protective Packaging Materials

There really isn’t a limit to the extent of what protective packaging can be used for. It can be used for more than just transporting items to and from. Protective packaging can be used in many ways. For example, it can be used by people moving house or office, to protect floors and carpets and even as gift wrapping. The primary reason for protective packaging is self-explanatory, to protect goods during transit.


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